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Plascoat buoys water industry with tougher coatings

Posted: Wednesday 15th September 2010

Global market leader in thermoplastic powder coatings, Plascoat, has successfully introduced its PPA 571 H polymer coating for the water industry.

Thomas Bied-Charreton, Plascoat Technical Sales Manager reports that ‘PPA 571 H was successfully reintroduced to the Italian market at the Accadueo H20 exhibition, and we are processing enquiries and orders from that time. One key area of opportunity for our new material is as a replacement for polyamide coated cast Iron pipes. Manufacturers of water pipes and fittings at the show were attracted to the material’s unique properties: Plascoat PPA 571H does not require a primer. The polymer sprays easily and consistently whatever the climatic conditions.

Plascoat’s new improved polymer coating grade for the water industry – PPA 571H – is essentially a tougher formulation and has been designed to cope with virtually any water utility installation worldwide and give extended life even in harsh environments. Its primary application is in the coating of underground and above ground water fittings made from ductile iron and its deployment in service saves water utilities both time and cost in stopped leakages and system malfunctions.

Plascoat Sales and Marketing Director, Patrick Benson, says “we have been working for several years on ways to make our products more forgiving and easier to achieve excellent coatings for the water industry. The improved PPA 571H will withstand harsher chemical or temperature conditions even when the pre-treatment may not be perfect”.

Plascoat’s generic PPA 571 coating already comes with a wide range of potable water approvals including NSF61 and conforms to the requirements of FDA food contact. The ‘H’ version simply extends the performance of the coating – enabling the fittings and pipes to cope with the harshest and most aggressive underground environments and temperatures – including a groundswell of need and demand now coming from hot countries in the Middle East and in Africa.

One of the earliest success stories for thermoplastic coatings was for the water distribution in Gothenburg in Sweden. This project has been monitored from the start by the Swedish Corrosion Institute and since the installation there has been no incidence of leakage whatsoever. The Gothenburg pipe’s were coated in Plascoat’s functionalised polyolefin and were laid in 1990.

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