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Perco launches trenchless lining method for pressure pipes

Posted: Wednesday 3rd October 2007

The benefits of renovating gravity sewers using seamless, glass fibre liners are now applicable to pressurised pumping mains for sewage and raw water, with the launch of the PressureCIPP system by trenchless civil engineers, Perco.

Using similar materials and the same efficient curing method as Perco’s established EcoCIPP liner, the new system can accommodate the same working pressure as the host main, regardless of its state of deterioration. A unique seal at each end of the liner ensures total pressure containment.

PressureCIPPalso shares the same advantages over traditional, open-cut sewer renovation, in particular minimising streetworks and disruption to buried services. Compared with other trenchless renewal methods, such as pipe bursting and relining, installation is up to 50% quicker and more cost effective. It can also accommodate direction changes in the host pipeline.

The key to PressureCIPP is its structural integrity. While sacrificing only a small proportion of the host pipe diameter, the woven glass fibre and polyester resin liner is exceptionally strong. The small wall thickness and low-friction inner surface maximise flow in the renovated main. Manufactured by Brandenburger, the liner has been shown to out-perform needle felt liners by 30%, in independent tests of water tightness, elastic modulus and flexural strength of installed liner samples.

The new pressure liner has environmental advantages, as it is cured by UV light. This avoids time-consuming curing by hot water, as used by some other liners. In this way the process uses far less energy and does not leach styrene solvent from the liner resin, creating a problem of safe disposal.

An internal seal between the liner and the host main is made using Amex-10-seals, which have been specially developed by PMP for the application. Alternatively the liner can be connected by a Straub-type stainless steel coupling, or a flange adapter.

Perco Engineering Services Ltd operates nationally and internationally, predominantly in the water, sewerage and rail sectors. The company is a leading exponent of pneumatic and non -percussive hydraulic pipe bursting techniques. Other activities include augerboring, microtunnelling, headings and shafts, CIPP, directional drilling, pipe jacking and inspection works.

PERCO Engineering Services Ltd
Cornhill Close
Lodge Farm Industrial Estate
Northampton NN5 7UB
Tel: +44 (0)1604 590200
Fax: +44 (0)1604 590201

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