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Patented KSB solution: A solids separation system for raw sewage

Posted: Tuesday 15th November 2011

DS3 stands for Dry Solids Separation System. The innovative product ensures that solids contained in the sewage never enter the pump. This prevents the pump from clogging up, more efficient hydraulic/motor combination, keeps wear down and considerably extends the pumpís service life.

So how does AmaDS≥ work?

AmaDS3 is a waste water pump station featuring an innovative solids separation system.

In the dry-installed waste water pump station, raw sewage is first routed through a separator where the solids are separated from the liquid. The pre-treated waste water flows into a collecting tank until a pre-set level has been reached.

A control unit then switches on the pump set, which pumps the waste water from the collecting tank into the discharge pipe. During this operation, the solids are flushed out of the separator and into the discharge pipe as well.

The pump set is switched off again once the waste water level in the collecting tank has gone down to the pre-set minimum level. At this point the inflow check valve opens automatically and raw sewage can again flow into the separator.

That is not the only advantage: Pumps with optimised efficiencies and smaller free passages than usually required can be used as they only have to handle mechanically treated waste water.

For further information please contact KSB Limited on 01509 231 872

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