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Partech introduces low range turbidity analyser

Posted: Wednesday 8th February 2006

The accurate and reliable measurement of Turbidity at very low levels, even below 0.1 NTU, demands a sensor capable of maintaining its performance over extended periods of time. Such a level of detection is now attainable with the WaterWatch 2310 Sensor from Partech Instruments.

The WaterWatch 2310 has been developed for measuring Turbidity information for controlling the water treatment process efficiently and effectively. Monitoring in the range 0.00 - 5.00 NTUs, with sensitivity of 0.1 NTU, the degree of control offered by the WaterWatch 2310 Sensor makes it possible to prevents hazards such as Cryptosporidium and make efficient use of chemicals. The instrument is equally as effective at monitoring Filtered Water, Clarifier Supernatant, Filter Backwash and Final Water.

The design of the instrument eliminates stray light interference, thereby enabling a true zero to be set and ensuring accurate and reliable results below 0.1 NTU. This, coupled with stable electronics, means a virtual lifetime zero giving long term performance with minimum maintenance. WaterWatch 2310 sensors are offered with an automatic cleaning system that prevents false high readings caused by fouling of the optical surfaces.

The solids reference cells that are recommended with most systems provide an easy and repeatable method of verifying the function of the units, which in turn removes the time-consuming and problematic use of wet calibration standards.

In operation, the sample flow of around 1l/m passes through the 2 bar rated flow cell where the measurement takes place. The presence of a small positive pressure prevents the formation of air bubbles. Should it be necessary, an optional de-gassing system can be supplied for highly aerated samples.

When used employed backwash monitoring, the Turbidity measurement is used to keep the amount of wash water required to a minimum. Installed downstream of the filter, the measurement will give a warning of filter breakthrough. According to Partech, the sensitivity and zero point stability make the WaterWatch 2310 ideally suited or monitoring final water where precision is essential.

When combined with the WaterWatch 2300 Monitor, measuring Turbidity becomes very straightforward and trouble-free. Options such as data logging allow the user to record Turbidity trends even when a site is not equipped with computerised control systems. The inclusion of a data card allows the user to take the data to a PC rather than taking a PC into the field.

For further information, contact:
Angus Fosten
Partech Instruments
St Austell
PL25 3NN
Tel: +44(0)1726 879800

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