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Oxygen treatment hits the big time

Posted: Tuesday 22nd July 2008

An innovative oxygen wastewater treatment system, developed by Air Products, is now capable of producing five tonnes of pure oxygen a day, making it suitable for use at many large scale industrial and municipal sites.

The latest addition to Air Products’ range of OXY-DEP® VSA systems is ideal for use in a wide range of wastewater treatment applications ranging from effluent treatment at industrial plants, to leachate treatment at landfill sites and wastewater treatment at municipal treatment plants.

Philip Whittaker, Air Products’ business development lead for water systems, says:

“Water companies and industrial wastewater treatment plant managers are increasingly aware of the benefits of using pure oxygen instead of conventional atmospheric air to aerate wastewater treatment basins.

“Oxygen can significantly increase the treatment rates for chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), which means the treatment process is always effective regardless of seasonal peaks or other fluctuations in demand. It brings other important benefits too like odour and foam reduction and due to the improved settlement that occurs when using pure oxygen, the process is capable of producing less sludge.”

The modular range of OXY-DEP® VSA wastewater treatment systems are now available in three sizes, according to the amount of pure oxygen they are capable of producing each day – 260kg, 875kg and 5 tonne.

According to Philip Whittaker, the five tonne system will be particularly useful for customers looking to upgrade existing wastewater treatment processes, without incurring a significant capital cost. He says:

“Compared with traditional aeration systems, on site oxygen generation has become more viable in recent years. Such systems increase the performance of the wastewater treatment process, without incurring any significant overheads or causing downtime during installation.”

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