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Ovivo’s Combined Inlet System brings it all together

Posted: Thursday 8th September 2011

Designed to suit any elevation and flow system, Ovivo’s Combined Inlet System (CIS™) brings together the very best processes for the pre-treatment of raw sewage effluent.

Available with carbon steel, stainless steel or concrete tanks, the CIS™ equipment includes a large grit removal chamber and Hi-Flow ™ screening equipment to minimize contamination caused by the settling of lighter particles from the extended retention period.

With a capture value of 81.2% (UKWIR tests), Ovivo’s Hi-Flow screens (6mm* diameter screen apertures), provide highly efficient screenings removal and avoid problems such as ragging and pump blockages.

*(2 and 3mm also available)

The grit and sludge mixture is pumped from the settlement tank by specially designed Jones & Attwood Grit Pumps, which are mounted alongside the grit tank to provide them with a primed condition. The pumps deliver the grit and sludge mixture to the highly effective Grit Washer or Screw Classifier where mineral solids are separated from other sludge-type materials. Separated grit particles are dewatered and delivered for disposal, while the transport water and sludge is returned to the main flow.

Screenings removed by the Hi-Flow screens are processed through a system that doesn’t become blocked during shock-loading from storm events. The Jones & Attwood Washpactor Jet™ system washes screenings, eradicates faecal solids and presents dry, reduced volume screenings for easy disposal.

By positioning the screens within the grit settlement tank, the amount of space required for an inlet works structure is dramatically reduced. In the vast majority of cases there is also ample room on the deck of the unit to house most of the ancillary apparatus (the Washpactor Jet™ system and the control panel) reducing the space required even further.

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