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Nord Gear expands decentralised drive range with new SK200E motor mounted frequency inverter

Posted: Friday 24th July 2009

Nord Gear’s new SK 200E frequency inverter range combines a sensorless current vector drive with comprehensive control and communications features in a compact IP 55 or IP 66 rated enclosure. Covering the 0.25 to 7.5 kW power range with single phase 110v and 230V and three-phase 400V AC supply, the compact and rugged unit may be directly mounted to a wide choice of Nord high-efficiency motors and gear motors for maximum decentralised potential - or supplied as a near-motor mounted alternative.

Although aimed at price-sensitive applications in conveying and factory automation, the new SK 200E includes a wealth of sophisticated standard features, modules and options allowing the user to select only those necessary for the application - keeping costs to a minimum yet preserving the possibility to upgrade performance and scaling by adding additional modules as required.

Standard features include high quality current vector control, Class A line filtering, plug-in EEPROM parameter storage, motor brake management, internal and external braking resistors, integrated diagnostics, energy saving functions, incremental encoder evaluation and positioning control capability.

Furthermore, version options are available for EN 954-1 (EN 13849-1) compliant safety with Nord’s ‘Safe-Stop’ feature providing category 4, with stop category 0 and 1. For large-scale factory automation applications, an integrated AS-Interface protocol version is also available which may be supplied separately or combined with the Safe-Stop feature for maximum levels of safety.

The SK 200E’s modular design covers true simple-to-complex application capability. At entry level, the unit is able to provide simple speed control from parameters set via easily accessed dip-switches with 4 control inputs and 2 externally adjustable setpoint potentiometers for machine control interfacing. The built-in status and diagnostics cockpit provides LEDs for I/O signal state with an RS232/RS485 diagnostics interface available to ensure optimal set-up.

For increased functionality, the SK 200E can be directly programmed with Nord’s NORDCON PC-based software or with externally mounted ‘Control Box’ options. These dedicated interfacing options range from a simple potentiometer adapter for forward/reverse operation and speed setpoint, to the SimpleBox and ParameterBox controllers which include status display and parameter input functionality – the more sophisticated ParameterBox includes a plain text display, a tactile keypad for complete text-based commissioning and set-up, parameter storage for up to 4 parameter sets, and includes direct connection to a PC via its built-in USB port.

Programming via NORDCON software may also be configured through an optional RS232-to-Ethernet gateway to provide control, status and parameter setting directly on each SK 200E. Plans are also in preparation to extend this capability to EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Ethernet/IP and Ethernet Powerlink.

A selection of internally and externally mounted customer interface cards and Technology Units are available to expand the capability of the SK 200E. These include Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet modules for direct Fieldbus control and parameter adjustment as well as I/O expansion modules.

For maximum levels of functionality, Nord offers the ability to tunnel parameter data to up to four SK 200E’s via its own internal System Bus. Machine I/O expansion modules are also available, either working through the Fieldbus interface or independently, offering many inputs and outputs plus status LEDs. Multiple SK 200E’s may also be configured for independent stand-alone applications using its Systems Bus in combination with Control Units and Technology Units.

Where simple relative or absolute position control is required, the SK200E comes as standard with the POSICON intelligent positioning system which can replace more expensive servo motor based control for straightforward rotary and linear indexing applications such as carousel drives and feed to length. POSICON intelligent positioning provides up to 15 pre-programmed moves with easy-to-operate parameter based programming that does not require specialist knowledge.

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