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NIVUS Pipe Sensor for Potable Water

Posted: Thursday 20th March 2014

Does your EMF meter need replacing but you cannot shut down the flow?

The NIVUS Pipe Sensor was designed specifically to provide highly accurate flow measurement for potable water mains. At NIVUS we understand the often prohibitive high cost and days of disruption replacing an existing Electro Magnetic Flow Meter can present. We offer a much greener, cost effective solution that works.

Quick & Easy installation

Using a standard BSP fitting and gate valve, live tapping the pipe under pressure will see your fully operational sensors installed in hours not days. Using sensors set in a diagonal or V shape measurement path, the NIVUS ultrasonic transit time, or ‘time of flight’ measurement technique delivers accuracy comparable with the EMF. Specially fitted dual insertion saddle straps mean installation is simple and at a fraction of the cost.

Highly accurate

The NivuSONIC measurement principle is based on detecting the transit time of ultrasonic signals between two sensors. Simply the transit time in the flow direction is shorter than it is against the flow. The calculated flow is indicated directly on the large LED display.

Fully integrated data

The NivuSONIC transmitter fully integrates analog and digital outputs to SCADA, via 4-20mA, modBus or profibus as preferred, with local flash card storage too.

The innovation behind the product

The Pipe Sensor (insertion flow meter) is compact by design, one size sensor for DN 200 to 12000, manufactured for a low carbon footprint, and suitable for full pipes. The standard push in Pipe Sensor designed up to 16 bar, and the screw-in sensor up to 80 bar. Developed to meet Health & Safety standards is our unique extraction tool designed for the controlled removal of the Pipe Sensor for pipes under pressure. When cost and time savings are paramount as is accuracy of data, the Pipe Sensor is increasingly the preferred choice for the validation and/or replacement of Mag Meters.

Independent Evaluation

Working closely with Severn Trent on a large scale project to use this technology for 900 proposed Mag Meter replacements across the drinking water network for 2015 sparked an independent evaluation of our equipment at TUV NEL, the National Test facility in Glasgow. Proven results are now forging a partnership between NIVUS, Morrisons and the Water Utility for a roll out programme.

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