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New water free urinal system launched in the UK

Posted: Monday 18th February 2013

A new water free urinal system has been launched in the UK. The Free Flow Valve by Enviro Water Ltd is allows UK businesses to cost-effectively convert their standard urinals to water free. The Free Flow Valve from Enviro Water is a revolutionary water free urinal system that saves up to 100,000 litres of water per year for every urinal fitted. It also prevents bad odours and reduces business costs.

So what is the problem with conventional urinals? A standard, water-based urinal uses an average of two litres of clean drinking water each time it is used. This is costly and a huge waste of water. With one in ten of the world’s population not having access to clean water, helping to save water is a big environmental issue. According to Water Aid over two million people die from lack of clean water every year. Many UK businesses are recognising the need to help save water and in doing so save themselves a hundreds of pounds in water, cleaning and maintenance costs.

There is also the issue of cleanliness. A traditional water-based urinal is the prefect breeding ground for bacteria. Water contains limescale, which combines with the uric acid and salts to cause blockages and bad smells. The patented valve uses an airtight seal. The urine simply flows away without the need for water. By removing water from the system bad odours are eliminated and there is no limescale build up. Unlike other systems on the market, the Enviro Water Free Flow Valve is completely chemical free, easy-to-clean, simple to fit and no on-going maintenance is required.

Tony Pegg, Enviro Water’s Managing Director said, “We are delighted to launch our new product and have already had a great deal of interest from businesses large and small. The great thing about the Free Flow Valve is that it is easy to fit, low cost and no ongoing maintenance is required.

He continued; “Businesses can start saving money quickly, whilst showing their customers that they genuinely care about the environment and water saving. A clean and environmentally-friendly washroom gives their customers a great perception about their facilities.”

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