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Posted: Monday 11th May 2009

Marley Plumbing and Drainage has upgraded its Waterloc modular cell with Waterloc250, a new, improved version of the cell used for underground SUDS solutions.

Waterloc250 offers a sustainable and effective method of dealing with stormwater run-off. 95% of the cell volume is available to store water, minimising the plan area or depth needed for the installation, whether the application is infiltration or attenuation. The innovative design of Waterloc250 allows for quick installation in layers, producing a secure tank, which can be configured to suit the area available.

The lightweight modular cells are easy to handle with integral lifting bars, yet are high strength with a maximum vertical load of 44 tonnes. The range includes connectors for 110mm, 160mm 225mm & 300mm pipes. For transport and storage, the cells can be nested, resulting in significant transportation savings, plus an associated reduction in carbon emissions and the amount of packaging needed.

The system is versatile and ideal for either infiltration or attenuation purposes. Infiltration (soakaway) is the temporary storage of water to allow it to naturally soak away into the ground. Attenuation can be used where soakaway is not viable and consists of a chamber below ground, where stormwater is stored temporarily before being slowly released in a controlled discharge to a surface water or combined drain or watercourse - preventing overloading. A flow control device, such as the Marley Flowloc is often used in such circumstances.

“This new Waterloc250 product can be an integral part of a SUDS solution which contributes to achieving The Code for Sustainable Homes, the recommendations from the Pitt Report or the proposed changes to Part G of the Building Regulations,” explains Fiona Bashford, Marketing Manager at Marley.

Marley will also shortly be re-launching their range of rainwater harvesting solutions using the new Waterloc250 cell.

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