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New spiral heat exchanger for sewage sludge duties

Posted: Thursday 6th August 2009

Alfa Laval has recently introduced the range of spiral heat exchangers developed specifically for duties in the treatment of sewage sludge, including: § Digester sludge heating § Heating during pasteurisation § Heating prior to dewatering § Colling industrial sludge and waste water

According to Alfa Laval, the ALSHE STW spiral heat exchanger incorporates a number of features that make it particularly suitable for handling sewage sludge, especially its anti-fouling tendencies. The wide, free-flow channel combines with high levels of turbulence to keep the heat transfer surfaces clear of fouling matter. Allied to the counter-current flow configuration, turbulence also ensures very high levels of thermal efficiency and heat transfer. Should a build up of solids occure, this only serves to increase the turbulence and, therefore, scrubs the channel walls clear.

Since the channels remain clear, flow through the exchanger is unobstructed and uniform in velocity. Regular CIP (cleaning-in-place) or back-flushing also reduce the need for regular maintenance downtime. Should a blockage occur, however, the single door provides rapid access to the sludge channel to allow mechanical cleaning.

Consequently, the need for downtime to clean the unit is minimal and maintenance costs are reduced.

There are five models in the ALSHE STW range, with capacities varying from 200KW to 1200 KW in a typical sludge digester heating application. Irrespective of size, they all share the same compact design the ALSHE STW 1000 model, for instance, measures a mere 1.2 metres wide by 1.3 high and 1.5 deep and provide reliable, efficient heat transfer in even the toughest sludge treatment applciations.


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