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Posted: Tuesday 12th November 2013

For water companies looking to reduce the number of their properties listed on the DG5 register – comprising homes that have experienced flooding or that may be at risk of flooding – a new solution from Fernco Environmental now offers the ultimate in protection against backwater flooding and sewer surcharge into the home.

The new system – the Kessel Pumpfix F Komfort – boasts an industry leading design with increased capabilities and versatility. Based on an accurate calculation of flow rates, this model now allows for mixed drainage including rainwater, waste water and even ground water, a capability that was previously considered unacceptable.

Comprising of an integrated macerator sewage pump, an automatic non-return valve, two sensors and a digital control panel for system monitoring, diagnostics and perameter adjustment, the new Kessel Pumpfix F Komfort offers the ideal solution for those areas where there is a high water table and where public sewers become surcharged. Suitable for use on both renovation and new-build projects, it is capable of handling up to 2.8 litres of waste water and sewerage per second.

A standard non-automated backwater valve (NRV) will allow wastewater being drained from the building to pass through it during normal conditions. However, in the case of heavy rains, flooding or a blocked pipe, whilst the backwater valve will prevent storm or floodwater from backing up in the drainage pipe and flooding the lower areas of the building, homeowners are unable to continue using the sanitary appliances in the property as they are all offline.

Dave Whalley, Technical and Specification Sales Manager at Fernco Environmental explains: “The limitations of using standard backwater prevention technology have long been documented. This new solution from Fernco Environmental not only guarantees added protection from mixed drainage, it clearly benefits the homeowner too.”

Suitable for installation in a concrete slab or an outdoor underground Inspection chamber, Kessel Pumpfix F Komfort is compact in size, easy to install and is very competitively priced. Via telemetry, it may also be linked to a building management system or control centre. Should greater protection in terms of volume and flow rates be required, an alternative model – Pumpfix F XXL - is also available.

Dave continues: “Experts are predicting an increase in flooding in the UK and whether this is a result of climate change, the UK is experiencing sudden torrential rain on a frequent basis, Hence, backwater protection is now a serious consideration for the water and construction industries.”

He concludes: “Millions of homeowners and builders are threatened by backwater damage and the need for adequate and reliable backwater protection solutions has never been greater. Whilst backwater damage can be extremely expensive, thanks to Fernco Environmental’s range of reliable backwater protection solutions, flooded homes and basements may now be a thing of the past.”

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