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New sample tracking solution improves workflow and production efficiencies

Posted: Wednesday 20th May 2009

Quality Systems International (QSI) has developed a new cost-effective sample tracking solution as an integral part of the companyís popular WinLims software. The new solution enables a sample or sub samples to be easily tracked to their storage or processing locations.

The sample tracking solution, which is also able to identify who is responsible for the sample at the various locations, is ideal for use by research laboratories in the biosciences and healthcare sectors. Manufacturers who deal with split sample methods will also find the solution helps to improve production efficiencies.

The new sample tracking solution enables all transactions to be time, date and user stamped throughout the complete work flow process.

In laboratory applications, blood, urine and tissue samples taken from people or animals are often processed to create sub samples. Samples are also often split to be spread across a number of labs for parallel processing. In all cases where sub samples are required it is often essential to trace the sub sample back to the original sample to be able to relate the results of the sub sample to the original. For similar reasons it is vital to track sub samples as they are being processed, stored, or tested.

QSIís new sample tracking solution is capable of tracking as many sub samples as required. Full details are recorded against the sub samples. The solution is ideal for recording and monitoring blood analysis procedures where an original sample may be blood with the sub samples being plasma or plasma components such as different proteins, hormones, enzymes or fatty acids. The solution can also be used to record the required storage methods allocated to the sample type.

ďIn the past QSI has produced custom solutions for the sample tracking needs of our clients,Ē explained Clive Collier, QSIís managing director. ďBut now, in keeping with our Ďout of the boxí LIMS philosophy, we have created a standard sample tracking solution to meet the needs of the market place. By enabling the sample tracking solution to become a standard integrated feature of QSIís WinLims software we are able to greatly reduce operational costs for many of our customers.Ē

The sample tracking software solution is also available as part of QSIís WinLims Rental solution that enables organizations to use a full LIMS package for a low monthly fee of a few hundred pounds a month, with a low up-front cost. WinLims Rental is identical to QSIís full WinLims system, and comes bundled with an installation program and tutorials to get users up and running as quickly and easily as possible. The rental agreements can be converted to a subscription contract or full purchase at any time, keeping an organizationís options open.

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