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New rotor insertion flowmeter can be installed hot into live pipework to cut installation and operational costs

Posted: Tuesday 29th January 2013

Spirax Sarco has launched its RIM10 rotor insertion flowmeter for steam, gas and liquids that features rapid installation in live pipework.

The RIM10 can be fitted directly into operational pipework using standard hot-tapping techniques, eliminating the need to disrupt production for installation. This saves substantial costs by keeping productivity high and maintenance schedules clear. Installation can be completed in a fraction of the time taken to install conventional flowmeters, which require a complete shutdown for the cutting and welding of pipework.

The hot tap configuration allows sites to install the flowmeter when needed instead of having to wait weeks or months for planned plant shutdowns, as well enabling the easy withdrawal of the meter, should the rotor need changing for maintenance or re-ranging. Being suitable for a wide range of liquids, gases and steam, all within the same unit, also saves costs by enabling larger sites to standardise on one meter, reducing training, maintenance and spares stockholding costs.

Three RIM10 models are available to deliver reliable performance across a range of applications, including demanding process conditions, such as high pressure flows (137.8 bar g) and high process temperatures up to 400C (750F). The RIM10 has a turndown of 25:1, providing accurate readings at high and low flow rates across all media.

The RIM10s multi-variable electronics includes a temperature and pressure sensor to provide compensated mass flow rate of liquid, gas and steam, enabling any pressure changes to be taken into account. This allows the flowmeter to consistently provide error-free readings accurate to 1.5% of rate with liquids and 2.0% of rate with gas and steam.

The flowmeter is suitable for pipelines ranging from 75 mm to 2000 mm (3" to 80"), and is especially economical for large pipe diameters of 300 mm (8") and upwards, where inline installation costs tend to be prohibitive, in areas such as high volume manufacturing, power and hospital applications.

Installation is further simplified as the RIM10 flowmeter only requires ten pipe diameters of straight pipe upstream and five downstream for installation, making it a compact choice where other flow metering technologies, such as Orifice plate or Vortex meters, may struggle to perform. Also, the minimal flow obstruction of the sensor ensures a negligible pressure drop and energy loss, often seen in other flowmeter models.

Set-up and commissioning of the RIM10 can be performed through an easy to use local display or remote configuration/monitoring via Ethernet/HTTP web interface. Simultaneous measurement signals can be delivered through Modbus RTU via RS448 or Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

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