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New Pipe Doctor Rapid is now available

Posted: Tuesday 11th October 2016

The new product features a special fast-curing resin, for speedier repairs and therefore increased efficiency on site.

"The new kit is ideal for repairs within 15 metres of the manhole," explained Glenn Cartledge, S1E's Managing Director. "The working time and curing time of the resin is significantly lower than with other Pipe Doctor kits, so the contractor must be sure that he can get the repair in place in time. As long as that's the case, the benefits of being able to complete the repair so swiftly and move on are clear."

The company has stated that the working time of the rapid resin is 6-7 minutes at an ambient temperature of 20oC, with a cure time of approximately 30 minutes. Differences in ambient temperatures will affect those times, with warmer weather reducing both working and cure time and cooler weather lengthening both times. A handy thermometer is included with the product to help guide contractors on the working and cure times of their particular application.

As with other items in the Pipe Doctor range, the Rapid product is available in both kit and bulk form. The kits offer everything needed for a single repair, with pre-measured resin and pre-cut fibreglass matting reducing time on site, ensuring no variety in patches and removing wastage.

The full Pipe Doctor range includes kits for straight pipes, swept bends and junctions, patch repair components, a packer hire service and patch repair training courses, including an Energy & Utility Skills certified course.

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