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New Paper Mill Invests in Aquamatic’s Wastewater Samplers

Posted: Thursday 9th February 2006

Aquacell S2-RK32 stationary samplers from Aquamatic have been put into use at a major (£111M/165M Euros) new paper mill in Estonia where the plant’s operators are monitoring the effluent upon which they are billed, and to ensure that contaminants are not being discharged.

Highlighting the increasing popularity of Aquamatic’s wastewater samplers both in the UK and international markets, the S2-RK32 samplers were first specified by a leading firm of Canadian consultants before the purchase was completed via a German industrial equipment procurement group.

Effluent from pulp and paper mills, the second largest industrial water consumer in Europe, can cause extensive harm to receiving waters if not properly treated, so the sample refrigeration of Aquamatic’s S2-RK32 will be particularly effective for sampling and then storing this type of biologically active wastewater. Before treatment, there is typically a very high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), as well as fatty acids, chlorinated compounds, suspended solids (such as fibres), lignin, and sulphur compounds.

At this first new pulp mill to be built in the Baltics for several decades, Aquamatic’s S2-RK32 stationary wastewater sampler will prevent degradation to samples during the storage period between the taking of the sample and its analysis as it is capable of storing sample collection vessels within its refrigerated, lockable housing at between zero and five degrees centigrade.

Kiosk-based, Aquamatic’s S2-RK32 samplers meet the UK Environment Agency’s E32 specification for Automatic Sampling Equipment for The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.

Contained within a robust, glass reinforced polyester unit, protecting it against adverse weather, the compact design of the enclosed Aquacell sampling module also allows related equipment, such as a flow meter, to be housed within.

For more information, please contact Aquamatic on 0161 777 6607.

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