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New Low Power ‘Side-Looking’ Doppler Flowmeter

Posted: Thursday 8th June 2006

OTT Hydrometry has launched a new acoustic doppler sensor system for continuous monitoring of flow velocity and water level (optional) in rivers and open channels. The system provides reliable velocity measurements even in a flood situation with high sediment loads.

The OTT SLD (Side-Looking Doppler) is compact and easy to install and operate in rivers or open channels. It is available in three versions offering a velocity measurement range of up to + / - 10 m/sec for water bodies that are up to 80m wide, The SLD measures velocity by dividing the water body in to 9 independent ‘cells’ with two horizontal beams looking sideways into the flow. The cell velocities are combined to give an average velocity for the section.

Data is recorded via RS232 or SDI-12 interface and when used in conjunction with the OTT LogoSens® multi-channel data logger the system becomes a continuous flow monitor. Discharge levels are calculated internally by the datalogger from water level and flow velocity measurements and can be transmitted via telephone, GSM or satellite to a central station.

The flow monitoring system is designed for very low power consumption, running on internal batteries with wind or solar charging options.

For further information, please contact:
OTT Hydrometry Ltd

Unit 36, Criftin Enterprise Centre
Oxton Road, Epperstone
Nottingham NG14 6AT

Tel: +44 (0) 115 965 6549

Fax: +44 (0) 115 965 4726


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