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New jet mixers get sludge and wastewater flowing

Posted: Tuesday 21st April 2009

ITT Water & Wastewater, the market leader in water and wastewater treatment technology, has launched a new range of externally mounted, pump driven, jet mixing systems from its Flygt brand.

Solids deposition is caused by weak bulk flow which means particles will settle and build up sediment in the tank. Acknowledging this problem, and as part of its ongoing research and development programme, ITT Water & Wastewater has designed a range of jet mixing systems suitable for dry installation, specifically aimed at eradicating the issue.

The Flygt jet mixer is designed to create a strong bulk flow, preventing sediment forming from settled particles. The system comprises a nozzle, ejector pipe and Flygt N-Pump together with inter-connecting pipework. The pump generates a primary flow which is delivered to the tank via the nozzle. As this flow enters the ejector pipe, a secondary flow is induced from the surrounding liquid, this results in a mixing effect near the nozzle. Furthermore, the induced flow adds to the primary flow and creates the thrust that is imparted to the tank – which creates the bulk flow velocity within the tank – required to keep particles moving and avoid sedimentation.

As the secondary flow is generated, it enables ITT Water & Wastewater to offer a highly efficient solution to any mixing applications; this increased flow maximises the thrust produced by the system without using more power.

In addition to the innovative ejector, the Flygt jet mixer is also equipped with ITT Water & Wastewater’s Flygt N-Pump, highly regarded for its sustained high efficiency and superior solids handling. For particularly complex applications, the Flygt N-Pump is available with abrasion-resistant hydraulic materials and chopper options.

Choosing the correct Flygt jet mixer for an application is made easy with ITT Water & Wastewater’s MIDS mixer selection software which is able to calculate the amount of thrust needed to achieve the requisite level of mixing – based on tank design, type of media, solids concentration and process demands.

ITT Water & Wastewater uses standard simulation and full analysis of a customer’s mixing system to suggest the most suitable solution from its range of Flygt jet mixers.

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