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New Intellisonde™ for intake and outfall monitoring

Posted: Monday 20th July 2009

INTELLITECT WATER is trialling a new version of the in-pipe Intellisonde™ multiparameter water quality monitor which has been designed for environmental applications. The new instrument, known as 'Intellisonde™ EM' will be deployed in fresh water intakes at treatment works and treated waste water outflows.

Intellisonde™ EM will log water quality and raise alarms for each parameter when GPRS is enabled. This will be a major advantage for control and instrumentation engineers because it will give them cost-effective remote access to water quality at key locations (even the smallest of plants) in addition to alarm messaging by sms before pre-set conditions are breached, thereby enabling them to undertake timely corrective action.

Intellisondes™ contain a tiny sonde head that incorporates a number of solid-state sensors. Users of the Intellisonde™ EM will be able to select from Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature, Turbidity, ORP, pH and Ammonium.

At a treatment plant outfall, a small quantity of the discharge is diverted through a flow-though pipe connection that exposes the sensors to the outgoing water. The monitored water is then returned to the discharge stream. A similar process applies to installations at abstraction points. Alternatively, river or reservoir water quality can be monitored through continuous sampling with a submersible pump that incorporates an integral strainer.

Summarising the benefits of the new Intellisonde™ EM, Intellitect CEO Tony Halker said, "In comparison with traditional techniques this represents a substantial saving in both costs and maintenance."

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