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NEW EBCO DELAYED VALVE for Storage Tanks & Pumped Tank Systems

Posted: Tuesday 24th November 2009


Tyco Waterworks and Henson Delayed Valves Ltd (HDV) have signed an Agreement to jointly manufacture and supply a new patented Delayed Valve system which will save water consumption and energy. The Agreement, signed in June, sees Tyco Waterworks manufacturing their popular high flow rate, Ebco equilibrium float valve and HDV producing and fitting their patented Eco Valveâ fill control device to the Ebco valve. The result is a new delayed valve for tank storage systems and pumped systems which offers significant savings in energy for pumped systems, reduced risk of creating conditions that support Legionella bacteria, and improvements to valve operation.

Energy Saving

The new delayed valve allows the valve to operate fully open and at full flow on every fill cycle of the tank, thereby reducing the back pressure on the pump and enabling the pump to work more efficiently. This reduces pump ‘burn out’ and provides significant energy savings of up to 50%.

Reduced Risk of Legionella

The delayed replenishment system means that water in the rising main, which may be at an elevated temperature due to latent heat in the building, is mixed thoroughly with large volumes of cold mains water. This helps to maintain a safe temperature below 200C on the incoming water. The full flow from the valve also eliminates stagnant, higher temperature water ‘hot spots’ in the tank and so reduces the risk of creating conditions which can promote Legionella bacteria growth.

Less Noise, Less Maintenance

Additionally, problems of water hammer from small surface waves, and noisy valves caused by constant ‘trickle’ filling are minimised. Build up of scale around the valve preventing the valve from fully closing is reduced due to the valve operating in full flow, and problems of water softener efficiency are decreased, providing less maintenance demand on servicing the valves over a long period.

The new delayed valve is available in 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” valves, with either a single float for fixed delay, or with twin floats for variable delay and adjustable water levels. The system can replace existing float valve arrangements in storage tanks or installed in new tank systems.

For further information, contact Tyco Waterworks’ Customer Service Team on 01675 437 900 or visit or

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