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Posted: Tuesday 30th June 2015

Sika has added Sikadur®-31 DW Rapid to its ever-evolving range of high performance repair systems for use in drinking water reservoirs. With downtime critical at these projects, the new Sikadur®-31 DW Rapid epoxy adhesive has been independently approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) to cut return to service times to just seven days when used as part of the Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG joint sealing system.

Formed in 1990, the DWI provides independent reassurance that UK water supplies are safe and drinking water quality is acceptable to consumers. For any construction product to be used when in contact with potable water structures, it must first pass the DWI’s stringent approval process to ensure it is safe to use and will not adversely affect the quality of water.

As part of the third-party approval process, the Sikadur®-31 DW Rapid adhesive was assessed by the DWI’s expert advisors and inspectors. Following rigorous testing, the system has been independently proven to cut return to service times by 50% – from 14 days to 7 days. So when used as part of the trusted Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG joint sealing system, it will ensure the drinking water reservoir is up and running in the shortest time possible with costly downtime at an absolute minimum.

Specially formulated to meet all regulatory requirements for use in contact with drinking water, Sikadur®-31 DW Rapid has also been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). The system ensures compliance with Regulation 31(4)(a) of the UK Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations and has been tested in accordance with EN 1504-4: Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures.

Ideal for a number of applications, the Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG system consists of the Sikadur®-Combiflex® Strip and a Sikadur®-31 adhesive. Easy to mix and apply, Sikadur®-31 DW Rapid eliminates the need for a primer and offers excellent adhesion between the Sikadur®-Combiflex® Strip and most construction materials including concrete, natural stone, mortar, bricks and steel.

It is vital for all water companies and facilities to minimise downtime during repair and rehabilitation projects. With the launch of Sikadur®-31 DW Rapid, Sika can cut downtime in half for companies using the Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG joint sealing system – saving them time, money and convenience with a system that is proven to perform in the most challenging drinking water environments.

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