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New "Double Decker" Polyelectrolyte Batching Preparation Units

Posted: Friday 15th February 2008

ProMinent Fluid Controls, has introduced a new range of compact, "double decker" Ultromat® polyelectrolyte batching systems used for the removal of colloidal solids from liquids.

Three variants are available. The AFD series is for use with powder polymers only, the

ATD series for use with liquid polymers only while the ATFD series

can handle both liquid and powder polymers. Each range features

separate batching/aging and dosing tanks.

The new system offers significant benefits over continuous flow

systems for flocculants that are slow to dissolve, or need to be aged

for a precise time before use. A batch can be prepared in the aging

tank while the contents of the dosing tank are being used, then the

prepared batch transferred to the dosing tank.

Capable of producing 0.05 to 0.5% flocculant dosing solutions, each

of the ranges is available in three sizes, with batch quantities of

400, 1000 and 2000 l/hour. The systems are fully automatic, turnkey

units supplied complete with two polyethylene or polypropylene tanks,

a dry feeder containing a feeder screw pipe heater and powder

shortage sensor, and a flow meter for incoming water. A flushing

system rinses and wets the powder in the ATD and ATFD versions, with

automatic control of the dilution water. The AFD and ATFD versions

feature pipework for metering of liquid concentrate. A slow running

electronic mixer ensures the aging process is optimised in the upper


A huge range of accessories is available for these units. This

includes storage tanks, aerators and level sensors. Equipment for

pneumatic feed of powder straight from the supply container, such as

Big-Bag is also available. ProMinent also offers re-dilution units,

flushing unit, metering gauges and pumps for the concentrate and the

prepared solution.

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