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Posted: Monday 9th August 2010

Boll develops new filtration systems for waste water filtration.

Boll & Kirch is one of the leading European manufacturers of water filtration systems, producing a range of manual and automatic filters for potable and waste water applications. Bollfilter filters are widely used by the UK water treatment industry thanks to their reliability, performance and durability. The 6.18 Automatic, self cleaning filter has proved particularly popular thanks to its unique back flushing technology and minimal maintenance requirements. Ideal for unmanned sites, the 6.18 can be used to provide filter protection for primary potable water treatment plant as well as a variety of tertiary waste water systems. Boll & Kirch is currently developing two major new automatic filters for the water industry, Designed to be incorporated into OEM waste water treatment systems, they offer distinctive features designed to meet specific application requirements. • Boll 6.04 Filter - low cost automatic performance for nozzle protection• Boll 6.03 AOT Filter - finer filtration for lower flows plus UV disinfectionBOLL 6.04 NOZZLE FILTRATION SYSTEMDesigned specifically to prevent blockages in waste water wash systems, the 6.04 Automatic Filter is a virtual plug and play unit supplied complete with motor and controller for simple, easy integration into the plant wash system. Easy to operate, it provides reliable, continual filtration to protect the nozzles in secondary treatment equipment, such as disk filters, sludge dewatering systems, belt presses and centrifuges - without the need for cleaning and plant disruption. With a large filtration area for maximum efficiency, the 6.04 filters to 200 microns at flow rates between 0.5 and 24 m3/h and at pressures up to 16 bar.The 6.04 will be available from the 3rd quarter 2010 and will be on short delivery time due to the single model in a fixed format. BOLL 6.03 AOT COMBINED UV SYSTEMThe Boll 6.03 Filter is currently under development and combines the benefits of automatic filtration with UV disinfection, replacing the need for two separate systems and reducing capital costs. Designed to filter down to 50 microns at low flow rates, the 6.03 is a single, compact unit with an integral UV treatment system using Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT) for superior disinfection. The result is an efficient, convenient way to treat waste water or effluent prior to discharge or reuse. Bollfilter UK Sales & serviceLike the rest of the Boll & Kirch range, the new filters will be available exclusively from Bollfilter UK - specialist supplier to the UK water industry. The Bollfilter UK Team provides customers with full technical support, including system design, installation and contract maintenance. The company also provides a comprehensive spares service, including 24 hour response on certain essential items.

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