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New Calex PyroCouple Non-Contact Infra-Red Temperature Sensor has Dual Output Capability

Posted: Monday 8th September 2008

Calex is delighted to announce another first in the field of infra-red thermometry, the new PyroCouple series non-contact temperature sensors.

The PyroCouple series is a range of high quality, low cost, compact sensors which measure the temperature of inaccessible or moving objects and materials. They can measure temperatures from -20C to 500C, accurately and consistently, with an outstanding response time of 240 ms.

Calex PyroCouple sensors are available as either two-wire or four-wire units.

Two-wire PyroCouple sensors transmit the target temperature as a 4-20 mA output and offer a simple solution for most non-contact temperature measurement applications.

Four-wire PyroCouple sensors transmit the target temperature as a 0-50 mV or thermocouple output (type J, K or T) plus the internal sensor temperature as a 4-20 mA output. This second output can be used to ensure that the sensor is being operated within the correct ambient temperature limits and prevent damage caused by overheating or overcooling. It can also be used to give an approximate indication of the air temperature surrounding the sensor.

All PyroCouple sensors are fitted with precision Germanium lenses for accurate optics. Model PC21 has 2:1 optics making it suitable for most applications where the sensor can be mounted close to the target. Model PC151 is designed for small or distant targets and has an optical resolution of 15:1. Model PC301 is designed for very small or distant targets and has an optical resolution of 30:1.

The sensor itself is just 103 mm long by 18 mm diameter and made of polished stainless steel, sealed to IP65, making it ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications. It is held in place by a mounting nut (included). Fixed and adjustable brackets are offered to simplify mounting and a laser-sighting tool is available to assist in the sighting of the sensor.

If the sensor is required to operate in a very high or low ambient temperature (less than 0C or more than 70C) it can be ordered with a water/air-cooled jacket built around it. For dusty environments, such as in paper or textile mills, an air-purge collar can be fitted to keep the lens clean.

Built-in adaptive filtering provides a very stable signal without compromising the remarkable 250 ms response time, so there is no need to sacrifice a fast response in order to achieve a stable reading.

PyroCouple sensors are RoHS compliant and conform to EN 61326-1:2006 for EMC. They are designed and built by Calex Electronics in the UK, a company with more than 30 years experience of non-contact infra-red temperature measurement.

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