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Posted: Thursday 5th February 2015

Altuity Solutions releases new Cloud-based SUE product that provides lifecycle location information for underground assets.

Altuity Solutions announces the availability of its new Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) solution – AltoSUE. Using highly accurate 3M Radio Frequency Identification (RFiD) markers, GPS and geo-tagged imaging, AltoSUE makes invisible underground assets visible.

Targeted at owners, contractors and workers in the construction and utilities sector – or any organisation that lays underground assets which need to be accurately recorded before being handed over to a site owner – AltoSUE key benefits include:

  • Tried and tested 3M RFiD tagging capability for quick, easy and efficient use.
  • Locating assets using RFiD asset recording, GPS and geo-tagged imaging.
  • Association of drawings, models and other records for on and offsite management.
  • Use of map and site plan backgrounds to enhance access to data
  • Integrate underground data into corporate GIS & Asset Management systems.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices delivering data directly to a site – virtually opening up the ground beneath the operator’s feet.

Underground assets – Gas, Electricity, Water, Fibre Optics – are of high value, but involve high risk when excavating them for repairs or upgrades. These subsurface assets can be made even more difficult to locate through the use of modern day materials such as plastics. AltoSUE enables users to accurately tag and record attributes such as asset type, depth and material; capture additional information via a photograph and then view the assets contained within complex underground networks on maps or site plans, reducing the risk of service strikes while improving site safety.

Steve Voller, Founder, Altuity Solutions, explains, “AltoSUE is different from other SUE solutions in that it provides a cost effective way to record ‘as built’ and ‘as maintained’ information about underground assets using integrated hardware and software. AltoSUE uniquely uses map and CAD site plans as the background to view data and combines this with the ability to record underground asset locations using a variety of techniques - rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’ve placed a huge importance on ease and simplicity of use to ensure AltoSUE’s acceptability by back office and onsite workers.”

Altuity Solutions’ tiered pricing options for AltoSUE allow businesses to only pay for the functionality needed – paying a subscription for a licence from either three to 12 months.

Steve Voller concludes, “The AltoSUE geospatial Cloud database is hugely beneficial when multiple contractors or sub-contractors are involved in a project. Having shared access to highly detailed representations of underground assets can reduce the risk of service strikes that result in delays, injury and potentially even a fatal accident.”

Data stored within the AltoSUE geospatial Cloud database utilises maps and site survey plans to provide an enhanced visual location of assets. The site survey plans can be uploaded into AltoSUE providing a detailed backdrop for underground assets to be recorded against.

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