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New Addition to the Market Leading Priora Permeable Paving System

Posted: Thursday 27th June 2013

Marshalls is proud to announce the launch of its new M15 Grid, which has been specially developed to stabilise the sub-base of its market-leading Priora permeable paving system. This product follows the launch of Marshalls M380 Tanking Membrane product last year.

Following more than 12 months of research with world renowned structural engineer Professor John Knapton, the Marshalls team now has a clear understanding of how and when the M15 Grid should be used within a permeable sub-base. Ensuring a grid is only used when required will save clients being burdened with unnecessary costs. The product was developed closely with the UKs leading Grid manufacturer to provide efficient interlock with Marshalls Priora sub-base aggregate, confining individual particles and therefore stabilising the structure.

M15 Grid offers the following benefits:

· Has the effect of increasing the CBR by 1%, which on subgrades of between 1% and 4% provides significant advantages

· Compensates for weak spots in the subgrade, offering peace of mind

· Can further reduce the excavation depth, offering financial benefits and reducing the carbon footprint of a project

The M15 Grid offer further establishes Marshalls’ position as the experts in permeable paving; engineering and design teams now have a suite of options from which they can select exactly the right components to suit each individual job.

Chris Griffiths, Marshalls water management expert, said: “Thanks to the work we completed last year to rationalise our sub-base designs, we are already saving our customers money – but understanding if grids could provide a further benefit was the next step of that project. We wanted to demystify the benefits of including a grid within the sub-base of a permeable pavement, and with guidance from Professor Knapton we are now in a position to offer the most appropriate advice to all of our customers – and hopefully drive even more cost from a Priora design.”

Professor Knapton said: “The problem seems to have been that geogrids are often included as standard in a design, which means that they frequently nothing more than an unnecessary cost.

“Following our investigations, Marshalls will only use M15 Grid as part of their system when necessary, which ensures that customers receive maximum benefit and minimum cost.”

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