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New 883 Basic IC plus from Metrohm with Intelligent Features

Posted: Tuesday 21st July 2009

The 883 Basic IC plus from Metrohm is the smallest IC in the Metrohm portfolio that has been developed especially for academia but can be used for routine applications in the water, food and chemical industries. The Basic IC plus has the same Intelligence that was introduced with the flagship 850 Professional IC two years ago and replaces the 790 Personal and 792 Basic IC.

Intelligence comes with the intuitive MagIC Net Basic controlling software, the iPump, the iDetector and the iColumn the first columns for IC where the recommended parameters are imported directly into the working method.

The 883 Basic IC plus comes with anion suppression and the time proven robust MSM chemical suppressor that offers a ten year warranty an unrivalled guarantee for any suppressor in the IC marketplace. Flexibility is unrivalled with IC from Metrohm and the same anion instrument can perform cation or organic acid analysis also with a simple change of mobile phase, column and method.

Intelligent Metrohm ICs have fast equilibration times and robust suppressors that are designed to be turned off when not in use and do not need to recycle reagents to enable fast start up times.

It is possible to automate the 883 Basic IC plus with the 863 Compact Autosampler which allows automation of up to 36 sample positions, the method is definable so any unused positions can be adopted as rinse stations if required.

The 883 Basic IC plus was developed primarily for routine work to meet analytical requirements in the mg/L ranges but because the same quality iPump, iDetector and MSM suppressor are used then sensitivities of sub 20 g/L for anions and 100 g/L cations can be obtained. The Intelligent system components guarantee accurate and precise results and exclude nearly all operational errors.

To learn more about the Intelligent 883 Basic IC plus with its excellent price to performance ratio then please contact the IC Division on 01280 824824 or, where we will be delighted to provide further information with absolutely no obligation.

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