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Posted: Wednesday 6th February 2008

NanoCeram Electropositive Filters manufactured by Argonide Corp. deliver a major advance in laboratory separation and biotechnology.

The novel filtration medium is capable of removing small particles, bacteria and virus from water at high flow rates, using the principal of electrostatic attraction and adsorption. The medium is capable of retaining >5 logs (99.999+ %) viral and bacteria particles at water flow rates more than 200 times greater than other ultraporous filters and is available in the form of membranes, syringe filters, capsules or cartridges to cater for applications from sample purification to production-scale supply of ultra clean water.

The most recent addition to the Nanoceram product range is

NanoCeram-PAC which consists of the base NanoCeram matrix into which

is incorporated highly reactive activated carbon particles. The

particles are held tightly in place by electrostatic forces which

ensures exceptionally low levels of particle release and maximum

available surface area from the activated carbon for absorption of

contaminating ions.

NanoCeram-PAC combines both a high efficiency particulate filtration

with high efficiency (powdered) activated carbon (PAC) filtration in a

single media which is suitable for all aspects of water purification at

both laboratory, domestic and production level.

For further information about the NanoCeram range of products contact M-Tech Diagnostics Ltd.
Tel: 01925-416622, Fax 01925-.446677

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