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Movicon.NExT V3.2 new SCADA release

Posted: Thursday 7th December 2017

Products4Automation (P4A) has announced the release of Progea Movicon.NExT SCADA version 3.2, delivering a host of new features, many the result of feedback from the user community. The free upgrade Version 3.2 of Movicon.NExT brings improvements to the workspace, the user interface and the Historian, as well as adding new functions to screens and improving the performance of drivers. It also brings updated recipes and implements security on encrypted project management.

Within the workspace, Movicon.NExT version 3.2 improves the window real-estate for multiple tags editing, and adds new views for the main properties. It also optimises the time for saving projects that contain large numbers of tags. Meanwhile the user interface now benefits from a proprietary software keypad and supports different themes in Runtime.

Looking at the Historian, this now supports SQL data aggregation, bringing improved performance for Big Data analysis, plus support for compact databases such as SQL Server Compact and Local DB.

Increased screen loading speed, plus a new visibility function as part of opacity, and a further function that adds a command list to objects present in the screen all deliver an improved user experience. In addition, new function options have been added to various commands. Progea has also improved Movicon.NExT's Geo SCADA capabilities, including the ability to open region-specific screens.

Also new is improved web client management, with automatic adaptation to the browser window, while improvements to drivers bring the possibility to modify the dynamic I/O link during runtime, and there is a new IoT driver for Progea's Cloud technology. Numerous other features have also been introduced to improve the design experience, using modern software technologies such as WPF, OPC UA, Cloud and HTML5.

Movicon NExT was introduced as a new generation of software that revolutionises SCADA and HMI technology. Movicon.NExT is based on Progea's Automation Platform.NExT technology, a software architecture designed for building the foundations of modern automation software. It is an open and scalable platform based on .NET and the latest connectivity software and the new generation of WPF/XAML vector graphics rendering software.

The NExT technology is structured on modular concepts with plug-in technology to make industrial software architecture more open and scalable by integrating function modules that are capable of efficiently connecting and managing any business enterprise. The modular and open platform empowers automation professionals with the perfect solution for supervision, HMI, control, Historian, MES and analysis.

Describing version 3.2 as a milestone in the evolutionary path of Movicon.NExT, Products4Automation director Paul Hurst says: "This is a significant upgrade, bringing additional capabilities to what was already in our opinion the industry's most complete, intuitive, open and scalable SCADA/HMI product. With a superior interface and design possibilities, and built on modern technologies, it enables systems integrators, OEMs, and end users to build complete, reliable and robust SCADA/HMI or MES applications for any industry."

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