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Motor with new rotor design gives efficiency and power boost

Posted: Thursday 15th September 2011

ABB has launched a new motor based on an innovative rotor design, offering high efficiency and high power output.

Using synchronous reluctance technology, the new motor is robust and has practically no losses. The motor is offered as a complete package together with a frequency converter and dedicated software.

Juha Silvennoinen, head of ABB’s motors and generators business unit, says: “The new rotor is a break-through in motor technology, an achievement that makes it possible to make motors that are much more efficient and smaller than conventional induction motors.”

The motor and drive package is offered in two configurations, one that maximises efficiency, the other maximising output.

The high efficiency package meets the latest most stringent efficiency level specified by the IEC; class IE4, super premium efficiency. For customers, this means 40 percent less energy losses than a conventional motor.

The motor and drive package is designed specifically for variable-speed drive operation, leading to further energy savings. Thanks to these savings the pay-back time of this package is very short, in many cases less than two years.

The second package, high output, is configured for maximum output. This motor-drive package offers a power density up to 40 percent higher than in a conventional induction motor. As a result the motor size can be up to two frame sizes smaller than a conventional induction motor, an important benefit for machine builders who often work with stringent space restrictions. Customers who buy this package get the high power density of an equivalent permanent magnet motor with the robustness of an asynchronous squirrel-cage motor.

Because the rotor runs cooler than other technologies, the bearings also run much cooler, making the motor much more reliable. With bearing failure accounting for around 70 percent of unplanned motor outages, customers will appreciate the longer greasing intervals and higher reliability offered by the new motor and drive packages.

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