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Metasphere's New Poco+ Pro Enhances Point Colour Configuration

Posted: Wednesday 20th April 2016

Metasphere Ltd, an established provider of asset monitoring products and services, has just brought out Poco+ Pro, an enhanced version of its Point Colour software configuration tool, Poco+.

Poco+ is used to configure the Point Colour range of outstations and is available with every Point logger. It currently configures Point Colour for up to three protocol stacks, configures the I/O, performs firmware upgrades and allows the user to monitor all aspects of the hardware.

The new Poco+ Pro is a paid-for licensed software that introduces a set of dynamic and interactive add-ons to aid with commissioning and more complex analysis of the Point Colour hardware.

Poco+ Pro benefits from many new features: a points list summary window provides an at-a-glance view of how each point on the RTU is configured. This includes, for example, a list of configured trends, configured events, and the ability to navigate to any entry instantly. A battery calculation tool uses real-time processing to perform battery life calculations based on live configuration information from Poco+, allowing users to see how changes in configuration affect battery life. This gives a clear visibility of the balance between increased monitoring and battery life. Finally, a call progress window provides a convenient and pragmatic solution to hardware installation, utilising a step-by-step visual indication of communication with any supported protocol.

Pro users will also gain access to a host of new and exciting features over future releases of Poco+.

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