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Posted: Friday 28th June 2013

The pocket-sized SebaKMT Hydrolux HL5 water leak detector from Megger offers a fast, reliable and convenient way of finding leaks in water pipes of all types - including plastic. The unit operates by detecting the sound made by the leaking water, and features extremely sensitive piezo-ceramic sensors complemented by automatic level control to ensure dependable detection even in difficult conditions.

The acoustic noise picked up by the detector is transmitted to a comfortable headset via a wireless link, which gives the user maximum freedom of movement. The noise level is also shown visually on a ten-step LED display, making it easy to position the detector for maximum pick up as an aid to determining the location of the leak.

Equally suitable for use with a sensor rod or, with the optional adaptor, a ground microphone, Megger’s Hydrolux HL5 water leak detector offers excellent audio performance and a choice of three filter settings that allow it to be accurately configured to match any leak situation. An in-built mute setting is also provided to eliminate static noise in the headphones, thereby reducing operator fatigue.

To further increase user convenience, the instrument includes an LED light, which is an important aid when it is being used at night or in poorly lit environments.

The Hydrolux HL5 uses readily available standard AA batteries to power the instrument itself, and AAA batteries to power the headset. Typical battery life is 50 hours. The instrument is supplied as a kit complete with the headset, batteries, test probe, extension rod, magnetic adaptor, belt pouch and operating instructions, all housed in a rugged transport case. Optional accessories include a tripod, an S42 valve adaptor and an S20 valve adaptor.

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