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May Gurney develops the RadLock to improve safety on utilities sites

Posted: Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Support and construction services company May Gurney has invented a more secure design for footpath plates and trench covers in order to improve street works site safety.

The innovative RadLock design concept was developed by May Gurney while working on utility projects in the North West. While current footpath plates are adequate and comply with street works regulations, there has always been room for improvement.

To overcome problems associated with vandalism, a May Gurney gas site agent developed the RadLock system to secure the plates. The design ensures that, once in position, the plates cannot be moved unless unlocked with a special cranking key. The plate sits over the trench with the locking mechanism in the excavation. The key is then used to crank the legs of the mechanism open until they are secured on the walls of the pit.

Backed by finance and encouragement from May Gurney directors, and support from National Grid, the idea has been developed to working model stage, and piloted on 12 National Grid sites in the Morecombe area. May Gurney has now appointed Oxford Plastics to produce and refine the RadLock and then distribute it to the utility marketplace.

Gavin Scarr Hall, Managing Director of Utility Services at May Gurney, said: “It is excellent to see a home-grown development emerge from an individual in one of our utility teams.

“May Gurney has a real commitment to health and safety, as demonstrated by its enviable record in this area, and we try to ensure that every team member takes responsibility for their own safety, as well as the safety of their workmates, visitors to the site and members of the public.

“I believe the development of the RadLock is a product of this working environment. The result will be sites with reduced safety risks for May Gurney, National Grid and other clients, and potentially the whole utilities industry.”

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