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Low Cost Remote Datalogging with No Strings Attached

Posted: Monday 22nd April 2013

Wireless technology leader HWM has launched an innovative network monitoring system that uses battery-powered radio transmitters to collect data without any wires, mains power or expensive communication charges. The OmniColl system is a wireless infrastructure network for remote sensors and dataloggers, linked to a sophisticated online viewing platform that offers more and costs substantially less than a conventional data logging system.

In order to manage water and energy consumption effectively, it is necessary to monitor what, where and how resources are being used; it is only by accurately measuring and monitoring usage that efficiencies can be identified and savings made. In addition, recognising and reacting to potential network events such as leakage or overflow as quickly as possible allows issues to be addressed before they become major incidents.

The OmniColl system efficiently collects, orders and presents data for quick and easy analysis, enabling potential cost savings and network events to be identified almost immediately. It uses a modular, radio-based communications platform to provide rapid data transfer at minimal cost, with the ability to integrate many different measurement parameters. The system can automatically collect data from thousands of monitoring points every fifteen minutes for up to ten years, without any wired connections or even mains power. Its unique infrastructure design eliminates many of the costs traditionally associated with a communications network, such as installation, wiring and ongoing data transmission charges. This makes it a highly cost effective and convenient platform which maximizes the users return on investment of time, effort and expense.

OmniColl is suitable for all currently available sensors, allowing for a huge range of versatility. For example, the same system can be used to monitor usage in a District Metered Area (DMA), identify leakage, control pressure, read meters, analyse building performance, provide energy efficiency modelling and track rising or falling water levels. Collected readings are sent securely by GPRS, SMS, Wi-Fi or Ethernet to HWMs DataGate portal, where they can be forwarded directly to a third party software system, or viewed from any internet-enabled device using the secure HWM Online graphing, reporting and alert management website. Amongst the wide range of data management tools available, users can view, compare, chart and create custom fleet reports. Automatic alarms can also be configured to send alerts to specified phone numbers and email addresses when pre-set alarm conditions are met.

The OmniColl system is designed to give businesses a near real-time view of their resources without the shadow of hidden costs. No wiring, no mains power, and no data fees enable customers to log more for longer for less, making this HWMs most cost-effective remote monitoring and datalogging platform to date.

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