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Posted: Thursday 18th June 2009

Following investment in its pipe manufacturing process, GPS PE Pipe Systems has introduced low ovality coiled PE pipe to the water and gas industries. Contractors and end users will benefit, as the pipe is dimensionally more accurate and ready for jointing far quicker after uncoiling than would be the case with pipes of greater ovality.

The new low ovality coils from GPS PE Pipe Systems save time and provide a potential for greater security in electrofusion jointing. The reasons for pipe ovality, which previously could affect users of all PE pipe coils, are explained on the all-new company website. Visitors to will find the site clearer, much easier to use and more informative.

A new feature charts the company’s history in pipe system innovation since the 1950s but the site also keeps customers updated with the latest product developments, such as the low-ovality pipe coils, the comprehensive barrier pipe system Protecta-Line, Excel 3C clean, capped pipe coils and Secura-Line peelable pipe.

The current UK specification for PE potable water pipe is BS EN 12201, but this gives no particular requirements for ovality of pipe from coils. The obsolescent WIS 4-32-17 pipe specification required that coiled pipe should have an ovality of less than 12% after uncoiling.

PE Pipes are extruded in straight lengths but the coiling operation at the end of this process will tend to make the pipe more oval than it was originally. After uncoiling, the time to achieve relaxation back to less than the 12% figure has in the past been the cause of some significant frustration for both users and contractors alike.

GPS PE Pipe Systems can now deliver pipe coils in dimensions 125mm to 180mm with an ovality, immediately after uncoiling, of less than 5%. This is a particularly advantage when electrofusion jointing is being used.

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