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Posted: Wednesday 15th October 2014

With simultaneous correlation of up to eight sensors and integral GPS navigation, the latest Sebalog Corr multi-correlator from SebaKMT, a Megger business, allows users to locate even the most challenging of water pipeline leaks quickly and accurately, thereby saving both time and money. The leak location can then be confirmed and refined with the systemís unique integrated pinpointing feature, ensuring that repairs can be carried out with a minimum of excavation.

A novel hybrid system comprising field correlation software that runs on a standard laptop PC, a set of noise sensors/loggers and a wireless communication dongle, the Sebalog Corr system combines the convenience of loggers capable of independent operation with the power of a multi-channel correlator that can calculate the distance to the leak rapidly and reliably.

As a further important aid to fast, dependable operation, when the leak location has been determined by correlation, the systemís built-in GPS-based leak navigator guides the user toward the location with a continuously updated map display that operates in a similar way to an in-car satellite navigation system.

The versatile Sebalog Corr system also functions as a precision leak pinpointer. In this mode, the sensor/loggers are placed on the ground surface at the correlated leak position, where they function as ground microphones that send leak position information wirelessly to the operator. In this way, the leak can be precisely pinpointed without the need for any additional equipment.

Except when they are being used for pinpointing, the sensors/loggers can operate independently without the need for active wireless communication with the correlator. Instead, they store the data they capture for later downloading and correlation, which means that the correlation range is not dependent on the wireless communication range of the units.

The internal data storage of the sensors/loggers also makes them ideal for unattended operation at night, when extraneously noise levels are generally lower making it easier to capture valid data for the most elusive leaks.

Because of the large number of sensor/loggers that can be used simultaneously, the Sebalog Corr system makes it possible to cover large sections of pipe network with a single measurement. As a result, pipeline surveys can be carried out quickly and precisely, and even multiple leakage points can be located with just one measurement.

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