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Lipp GmbH offers UK Water Utilities new TOTEX compliant tank solutions

Posted: Friday 9th October 2015

Lipp GmbH has developed cost effective tank refurbishment solutions that extend the operating life of old bolted section, concrete and steel tanks. The new liner installation effectively extends the operating life of the tank without needing the capital expense and downtime requirements of demolition and re-build, while also reducing on-going operational costs.

As the impact and consequences of the new Totex economic model - an aggregated examination of both capital and operational expenditure - to the UK Water Utility are becoming more fully understood, it is recognised that new approaches will be required to meet the newly combined Capital and Operational expenditure considerations.

Martin Grant, the Lipp UK Marketing Manager said, “We recognise that the new changes in the UK Water Utility market require new solutions. We have developed and installed cost effective tank lining solutions for the German market over a number of years. The Lipp spiral tank system has proven highly effective for increasing the operational life and capacity of older tanks, without the need for time consuming and expensive demolition and rebuild.”

The refurbishment liner is constructed on site and the new liner or extension piece is lifted in by mobile crane and subsequently secured and sealed in place. The liners can be constructed from a variety of steel and stainless steel composites to suit different storage media requirements. This means tanks can also be upgraded and extended to increase storage. During assembly work, the respective container can be retrofitted with extensive accessories, such as container roof, floor, pumping and stirring, stairs, platforms, etc. Openings or penetrations of any size and shape pose no problems.

The approach that Lipp has taken is further corroborated by a new report from Frost & Sullivan, which states that water utilities have identified the TOTEX mechanism as a means to help in the decision making process of rehabilitation projects; saying that European water utilities are faced with the challenge of aging infrastructure in need of urgent rehabilitation.

The tank rehabilitation solution offered by Lipp provides a strong long-term economic solution. Lipp’s tanks have been in operation in Germany since 1972, with many tanks giving continuous service for 40 years or more. This 40 year timeframe is one that is being considered by the Water Utilities as the new operational benchmark for TOTEX calculations – a consideration that is new to the UK market.

Martin Grant, also commented, “Given the extensive experience that Lipp have in the European Water Utility market, we are confident that many of the water market solutions we offer, such as the tank refurbishment system, will provide proven, cost effective, solutions for the UK Water Utilities as well.”

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