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Landia’s submersible mixers get to work at Culmore WWTW

Posted: Friday 10th March 2006

Eighteen submersible mixers from Landia have gone into operation at Londonderry’s newly upgraded wastewater treatment plant in Culmore.

The mixers have been installed to homogenize settled sewage and return activated sludge in the anoxic treatment of the wastewater during denitrification.

Designed and constructed by Black & Veatch, in joint venture with DAWSON-WAM Ltd, the treatment facilities at Culmore WWTW include a new secondary activated sludge plant (in which the Landia mixers are installed), intended to achieve a total nitrogen consent of 10mg/L,

At this secondary treatment stage, as part of a step-feed activated sludge process, the flow of mixed liquors passes through each of the anoxic zones where additional settled wastewater is added and the contents of each zone are mixed using Landia’s submersible mixers.

The existing inlet works, preliminary treatment and primary treatment stages have been refurbished, with additional treatment provided by new facilities that are capable of receiving a flow of 2600 l/sec (of which 808 l/sec is passed to full treatment).

The new works for DRD Water Service includes six lanes of Step Feed Activated Sludge, along with final settlement tanks, blowers and RAS (Return Activated Sludge) pumping station. There are also new storm flow treatment, sludge dewatering and odour control facilities.

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