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Landia’s submersible flowmakers

Posted: Tuesday 5th September 2006

3,000 reasons to choose Landia’s submersible flowmakers for anoxic treatment in activated sludge plants.

Landia has completed the installation of its 3,500th submersible flowmaker for use in homogenizing settled sewage and returning activated sludge in the anoxic treatment of wastewater during denitrification.

At this secondary treatment stage, typically part of a step-feed activated sludge process, the flow of mixed liquors passes through each of the anoxic zones where additional settled wastewater is added and the contents of each zone are mixed using Landia’s submersible flowmakers.

Aimed at helping lower total nitrogen content, the Landia flowmakers successfully provide anoxic mixing without surface air drag down.

Successfully preventing biomass from settling, the Landia flowmakers give a soft treatment of the effluent, in order to optimise the biological process. With a propeller rotation of 150 rpm, the flowmakers are equipped with large surface propeller blades, ideally suited for this requirement of mild treatment of activated sludge.

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