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Landia’s aerators bring sweet smells back to Bork summer houses

Posted: Thursday 16th February 2006

Foul odours from a pump-well situated in a popular summer house area near Bork in the western part of Jutland, Denmark have been successfully eliminated by an aerator from Landia.

Following a lengthy succession of complaints to the wastewater treatment plant in the nearby town of Tarm, Landia were called in to find an answer to the poor wastewater drainage, which with little surface water in the well, was particularly bad during hot and dry periods.

Landia installed a 1.5kW PODB-1 to mix and aerate the medium in the pump-well at regular intervals, which soon removed the unpleasant odours that were causing so many objections from the occupants of the 400 summer houses.

As a direct result of the continuous oxygen supply, Landia also provided the WWTW with a significant reduction in hydrogen sulphide content of the wastewater. Utilising its capability of working as a combined mixer/aerator, the Landia PODB-1 aerator can prevent sand and sludge sedimentation, as well as eliminate foul odours.

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