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Posted: Monday 20th August 2012

Dynamic parasitic rejection technology eliminates false reflections from disturbances and product build-up.

KROHNE, Inc., a global technology leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost effective measuring instruments for the process industries, announces the new OPTIFLEX 2200 C/F level meter for liquids and solids, which features software-based dynamic parasite rejection (DPR) technology that eliminates false reflections caused by environmental disturbances and product build-up. The 2-wire device is the newest addition to KROHNE’s time domain reflectometry (TDR) guided radar level meters.
OPTIFLEX 2200 C/F is a cost-effective device for tank and silo applications in the chemical industry, as well as in the oil and gas, energy, waste water, mining or pulp and paper sectors. It is ideal for replacing traditional level meters that require higher maintenance, including displacer, RF capacitance, conductive and pressure level meters.

Available with a variety of probes to measure liquids up to 137 feet (40 meters) and solids up to 66 feet (20 meters), the OPTIFLEX 2200 C/F can handle process temperatures up to 570°F (300°C) and pressures up to 580 psig (40 bar).

Unlike other level meters, the OPTIFLEX 2200 C/F provides a remote convertor that can be installed up to 328 feet (100 m) from the probe. The snap coupling system permits removal of the housing under process conditions. The level meter complies with the requirement of the safety integrity level SIL 2 and can be used for switch or transmitter function in safety-related systems.

Because the state-of-the-art TDR technology used in the OPTIFLEX 2200 measures level independent from such physical property variations as dielectric constants, pressure or density, the meter is not affected by variations in product characteristics.

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