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Kingspan Environmental Launches New High Effluent Quality Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted: Thursday 27th November 2008

A new Kingspan sewage treatment plant, Envirosafe, has just been launched which combines flexibility with superior performance, and high effluent quality.

In a standard configuration, Envirosafe delivers total nitrogen consents (total N), BOD levels of less than 20mg/l, 30mg/l Suspended Solids, and Ammonia levels lower than 5mg/l. This means it outperforms most of the packaged systems currently on the market for nitrogen reduction.

Envirosafe is also a highly adaptable solution that can manage a range of influent and effluent qualities, depending on the situation requirements. The system may be configured to enable treatment to almost any consent level levied by the regulators.

"Envirosafe has been designed to deliver both high performance criteria and projected future demand," says Mike Norton, Technical Director for Kingspan Pollution Control. "Further, it offers a high performance plant of up to 300 PE for domestic treatment in a single tank. This is a great move forward in reducing both physical and carbon footprint.

"Environmental standards are becoming more demanding in the UK and Ireland, and this is coupled with a requirement to comply with new European guidelines.

"More than 40 years of experience and our position at the forefront of this market have allowed us to develop a treatment plant that meets the needs of today's consumer."

Envirosafe employs a three-stage process, featuring an innovative plug flow combination of aerobic and anoxic processes in a fluidised bed arrangement. This operates in conjunction with an advanced system of air diffusers and media to deliver optimum levels of purification.

The first stage involves the retention of course solids for gradual breakdown: Envirosafe features two chambers to ensure efficient operation.

The biological phase removes carbonaceous pollutants by presenting the sewage to micro-organisms in the presence of oxygen. High efficiency air diffusers continually pump oxygen through the biological media and fluidised effluent. The plant's flexibility is evidenced by the number of reactor chambers that can be employed: two for standard applications, a third to achieve higher standards.

The by-product of biological treatment, humus sludge, is separated for further treatment.

An innovative flow management system stabilises influent volume variations and minimises hydraulic impact on the final settlement process.

All these control procedures ensure that the final effluent remains at a consistently high quality.

The system has been designed to simplify both servicing and maintenance.

Installation costs are lower due to Envirosafe's smaller overall footprint compared to many systems on the market today. Furthermore, the design allows the system to be installed in both pedestrian- and traffic-loading areas ensuring flexibility to installers and minimal land-take.

Kingspan's technical specialists are able to assess each site's demands and tailor the specification accordingly. Plant sizing is calculated not only on current demand but also on potential future loading to meet the latest legislative criteria.

Tel: 01296 633010

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