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Posted: Monday 5th December 2011

Keraflo will be unveiling its new electronic management system for coldwater storage tanks, Tanktronic, over the coming months. Tanktronic provides a simple and intuitive solution to monitoring water levels and temperature, and can also manage and control tank filling and feed all this information back to your BMS (Building Management System). The user-friendly unit system, which is quick to install, offers a complete cost-effective solution to water monitoring.

Monitoring water and temperature levels in water storage tanks is essential for facilities managers to assess water usage and some health & safety issues, such as stagnation and Legionella. If large volumes of water are left standing they can become stagnant, potentially harbouring many forms of bacteria and parasites. Additionally, if water temperature rises above 25¢ªC, there is the risk of bacterial growth such as Legionella. It is important that these levels are monitored correctly so that to avoid water contamination.

Tanktronic builds on Keraflo¡¯s experience of manufacturing high quality, delayed action float valves in the UK for over 25 years. The system comprises of a main control unit and a combined pressure and temperature sensor. In the case where the system will be used to control tank filling, the appropriate valve is available. A battery back-up unit, in case of power loss, is also available and can be integrated with the control unit.

As a standalone tank monitoring system, Tanktronic can be used with all Keraflo delayed action valves and can either be retrofitted or installed as part of a new installation.

Tanktronic works with a continuously submerged sensor, which measures depth and temperature. These are shown on the user-friendly interface on the main control box. If either the temperature or water reaches high or low levels (which are configured during installation), an alarm will inform the user.

Where a control valve is installed, Tanktronic can also control the filling of the tank. When the water reaches the user-defined high (fill level) or low (fill delay) levels a signal is sent to close or open the valve accordingly. The difference between the fill level and fill delay maintains delayed action filling, which helps to avoid water hammer, and gives maximum turnover.

Tanktronic¡¯s main control box can regulate the filling up of up to two tanks. However, in the case where there are a number of tanks, secondary units, known as S-units, can be attached. Each of these S-units can manage up to two tanks.

Tank filling is just one of many additional options available. The system is also able report on pump status, is able to act as an immersion heater control, is BMS compatible and, for that extra flexibility, the system also has the capacity to be controlled remotely.

Neal Peters of Keraflo comments, ¡°This is an exciting time for Keraflo, and the unveiling of Tanktronic really shows how we are using our experience and knowledge as a specialist cold water storage float valve manufacturer to progress new capabilities and technology, to enhance the management of cold water storage. Tanktronic offers optimum flexibility and simple operation at a cost-effective price. We are also looking to the future and how we can develop Tanktronic¡¯s capabilities even further.¡±

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