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KEE Launches EnviroSAF

Posted: Wednesday 20th December 2006

After launching their New nutrient reducing NuDiscŪ Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2003, KEE offer another revolutionary fixed film technology using compressed air. Traditionally, SAF systems with structured media have been offered with fine bubble membrane diffusers, with the drawback that access to diffusers was difficult. Until now it has been necessary to remove media and empty the reactor tank of wastewater to access the fine bubble membrane diffusers.

KEE have patented new technology, making it possible to access the fine bubble membrane diffusers without the need of emptying the SAF tank, or removal of the media. Whilst one set of fine bubble membrane diffusers is being maintained the rest of the SAF plant can continue to function and treat the wastewater. This negates the need to empty or hire a temporary plant while maintenance is being carried out.

KEE have already installed a 2500 PE SAF System in Scandinavia using this new EnviroSAF technology and also have built a plant for UK Water plc. KEE are now in the process of building further plants for UK Water plc. The UK plant will be commissioned during June 2005.

The KEE EnviroSAF uses patented structured media which has a profile in its shape to induce velocity and pressure gradients in the air/water mixture flowing through the media. This concept enhances mixing and is responsible for keeping the biomass film on the media active and aerobic. KEE have offered SAF Systems for many years and have built in excess of 100 containerised mobile plants for Work and Army Camps, where the systems were designed to be above ground as they needed to be mobile. Access to diffusers was therefore easy.

KEE have also installed SAF Systems in Northern Ireland where the final effluent quality achieved is extremely high, with BOD less than 4mg/litre, ammoniacal nitrogen less than 2mg/litre, phosphorus less than 4mg/litre and suspended solids less than 10mg/litre. Now the EnviroSAF technology offers all the process stability of fixed film reactors, but with the added advantage of using fine bubble diffused air, patented structured PVC media and the ease of access for maintenance of diffusers without the need to remove the media and emptying the EnviroSAF tank.

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