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Johnson Pump, an SPX Brand introduces pump filter range

Posted: Wednesday 2nd June 2010

Giving pumps protection from unwanted debris in the pumped media ensures smooth operation and reduces the possibility of pump damage and subsequent costly downtime. Such protection can now be achieved using Johnson Pumpís TopFilter range of filtration products.

Available in two ranges, four material options and 11 separate sizes offering filtration levels down to 10 microns, the TopFilter provides the pump user with an effective yet simple method of removing debris before it can affect pump performance. Suitable for fitting to either suction or discharge side of the pump, TopFilters can be supplied by Johnson Pump as an integral part of the pump or as a stand-alone item.

TopFilters are available in single and dual filter models. The single filter TFOV contains a single chamber which remains on- line. When the basket within the filter requires cleaning the process line will need to be isolated in order for the filter basket to be removed. The dual filter TFOW has two chambers (only one is used at a time) and remains on-line. However, when the filter basket requires cleaning the liquid flow is diverted by handle to the second chamber. The basket can then be removed whilst the process line remains in use. The benefit of this is that there is no downtime.

According to Johnson Pump these compact filters all feature a quick release cover and knobs for easy access to the filter media and maintenance. With the TFOW range, there is no contamination between filtered and unfiltered liquids and accidental opening of the pressurised chambers is prevented as the divert handle always covers the chamber in use.

The single filter TFOV provides a cost-effective method of protecting pipeline equipment, cleaning liquids or salvaging valuable solids where the flow can be shut off for short periods. The filter is of cast construction and contains a single 316 stainless steel cylindrical basket. The dual filter TFOW is recommended for applications where the requirement is for continuous flow with minimum loss of pressure. Built to the same material standard as the TFOV, the filter incorporates two filter basket chambers enabling users to divert the flow from one to the other using the top mounted handle without interruption when a filter needs to be cleaned.

Both TopFilters offer the end-user the capability to operate the systems on applications up to 50 bar and at temperatures of up to 260ļC and are suitable for a range of flanged or screwed connections with sizes ranging between 20mm and 200mm. The application ranges of the TFOV and TFOW can be extended through the availability of a multi-basket filter option, and with restricted pressure ratings this range has the added advantage of a compact design and high filtration levels. A further benefit of this option is that it can be used on connections of 150mm, 200mm and 250mm.

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