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ITT’s Zero Leakage Technology Gets Active Seal of Approval

Posted: Thursday 26th May 2011

ITT Water & Wastewater has recently introduced Active Seal™, a new patented seal technology developed to eliminate the risk of potentially damaging leakage into the dry parts of the Flygt submersible pumps. Active Seal enhances Flygt pumps and mixers and minimises the risk of machine failure and unscheduled maintenance checks.

The Active Seal™ is a zero leakage seal inside the pump or mixer, which does not, allow liquid to penetrate from the buffer fluid compartment to the motor of the pump or mixer, thus reducing the risk of bearing and stator failure. The Active Seal™ acts as a micro-pump, pumping water from the drive-unit side to the buffer fluid side of the inner seal. The pumping action is achieved by laser cut grooves in the rotating seal face. This unique design ensures that the net inflow is always nil.

Steve Heathcote, Product Manager for ITT WWW comments:

“The innovative technology behind the new Active Seal is a really positive step towards enhancing the life of your pump or mixer and reducing costly maintenance and any associated downtime. In particular, this seal will help those who operate Flygt pumps and mixers on a continuous cycle, where the likelihood of machine failure is higher. We have already incorporated the new seals into several of our popular Flygt pump and mixer models to ensure that, going forward, our pumps will perform to an even higher standard.”

Controlling the level of leakage in a mechanical face seal is vital. A certain penetration of liquid is necessary to keep the seals lubricated and to prevent them from seizing, but over time, even minimal leakage may cause problems.

Both accumulated and major leaks can result in costly repairs and could require time intensive remedial works such as the drainage and inspection of the chamber or stator housing. Combined with manual cleaning and equipment down time, the repair bill and lost operation time can quickly run into many thousands of pounds.

Steven concludes: “The new Active Seals will play a massive part in protecting the environment from potentially dangerous water leaks, as well as helping to prevent unplanned and costly machine failure.”

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