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It's in the bag! The new fast acting sand bag alternative from Adler & Allan

Posted: Monday 22nd February 2016

Leading environmental services provider, Adler & Allan, has launched a new fast-acting flood defence system, SoakBags, which are quick and easy to deploy in flooding or chemical spill situations, leaving no ill effects on the environment post clean-up.

An effective alternative to sandbags, SoakBags are made-up of a gelling polymer which absorbs water, or other liquids, such as chemicals, to become taut in just over three minutes, absorbing up to 20 litres of water.

The bags are lightweight and compact, (weighing just 200 grams before use), enabling far quicker deployment than traditional sandbags, with just one person easily able to carry up to 20 bags at any one time. Completely biodegradable, once full, as long as the water is contaminant free, SoakBags can be safely disposed of without posing harm to the environment.

Alan Scrafton, from Adler & Allan, explained: "In any flood or chemical spill situation, time is of the essence, which is where our new SoakBags really show their strengths. Because they are compact and lightweight, the need for vehicle assistance and vast man power is negated, and the fact that they can be activated in such a short space of time is invaluable in an emergency situation.

"SoakBags have already proven their worth helping Scottish communities deal with the recent devastating floods - we donated 200 bags to the Scottish Flood Forum when their sandbag supplies ran out."

SoakBag attributes include:

Lightweight and portable

Highly absorbent

Take up less storage space than sandbags

Can be stored for up to five years

Ideal for diverting water away from a building

Suitable for chemical spills

Completely biodegradable when free from contaminants

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