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Intesio adds Eco-friendly model to AquaCell range

Posted: Monday 20th February 2012

To meet the increasing demand for environmentally efficient products Intesio, Wavin’s specialist stormwater management division, has enhanced its range of modular cell attenuation and soakaway products with Aquacell Eco.

Manufactured entirely from recycled polypropylene, Aquacell Eco replaces Aquacell Lite and is designed for domestic applications, landscaped and non-trafficked sites. Equivalent to Aquacell Lite in all respects, Eco is made from expertly researched and selected recycled materials and is suitable for depths of up to 1.5m, having a proven (BBA cert pending) load bearing performance of 17.5 tonnes/m2 vertically and 4.0 tonnes/m2 laterally.

These units can be assembled so as to meet any situation and create an underground structure that acts as either temporary storage tank or soakaway.

Having the same 1x 0.5 x 0.4m dimensions, Aquacell Eco is wholly compatible with other Aquacell products. Eco can be installed in conjunction with these to provide a comprehensive answer to any site requiring SUDS.

Independently tested for both loading and hydraulic capabilities, the Aquacell range comes in three versions and three striking colours for easy identification – Black AquaCell Eco; deep blue AquaCell Core for trafficked locations and bright blue AquaCell Plus for extra deep installations and inspectability.

Core has a vertical loading capacity of 56 tonnes/m2 and a lateral loading capacity of 7.75 tonnes/m2 and so suitable for installing at depths of up to 4.1 metres to base of units – or 4.25 metres if non-trafficked.

Developed and engineered to add extra design scope for AquaCell installations, AquaCell Plus can be used in combination with AquaCell Core and Eco and, due to its extra lateral loading capacity of 65 tonnes/m2, can be installed at greater depths of up to 5.08 metres. Integral inspection channels in each unit can combine to create viewing channels for the full length of the installed structure.

Through using Aquacell, developers not only reduce the risk of flooding significantly but also enable stormwater to be released at a reduced volume to suit existing sewer systems or watercourses – as well as recharge the local groundwater and improve the quality of run-off water through aerobic purification. These proven qualities of AquaCell systems not only support the achievement of SUDS, they can also reinforce planning applications and so enable development to proceed.

The original AquaCell Core has already proved its versatility and functional performance advantages in large projects designed to satisfy demanding

criteria for sustainable drainage. Examples of projects that have employed AquaCell include a large scale 7,000 unit soakaway under airport car park, a 2,000 unit storage tank in contaminated land - the site of a former power

station site and a 1,400 unit storage tank to store run-off from an expanding retail park.

The Aquacell range is covered in depth in the updated 2011 edition of the Intesio Stormwater Management Design Manual, a compendium of information, data, and project planning advice that covers every stage from stormwater capture through to controlled discharge.

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