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Intelligently designed flush valve set to reduce eco footprint

Posted: Tuesday 3rd February 2015

FlushKING is an environmentally conscious plumbing parts manufacturer and wholesaler based in the south-east of England. The company has been operating since 2008. FlushKING has designed a variety of easy to install water-saving plumbing products.

Understanding the increasing demand for a more economic, modern toilet system, FlushKING have designed and manufactured the dual flush valve. The device reduces the amount of water used per-flush by 33% (compared to traditional units). If a typical household replaced their existing unit, then in 1 Ĺ years they would be able to save enough water to fill up the petrol tank of a Boeing 747.

Once youíve got rid of the nasty old-fashioned fill valve and replaced it with a shiny new FlushKING dual flush you can start adjusting the amount of water that is flushed out. You are able to adjust the fill valve to hold either 6 litres for a full flush or 3 litres for a half flush as opposed to the old fashioned method where you had to flush a whole 9 litres every time you wanted to use the toilet, never mind if it was a no.1 or a no.2.

The FlushKING dual flush isnít just for those who are serious about energy conservation. Itís also a fantastic way to save money on household bills. Flushing the toilet takes up about 33% of the average household water bill. A FlushKING will help you trim that down to a nice 22%. Thatís a saving of £27 per year*. The device is priced at £9.16 (ex VAT) which means that it will pay itself back in less than 6 months.

Each item takes a maximum of 30 minutes to install and comes with instructions to help you quickly install the product. You donít need to be a plumber to assemble a FlushKING flush valve. The only tools you will require can all be found in a basic toolbox. It requires minimum effort as all the parts interlock. We really canít think of many things that are easier than assembling a FlushKING.

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