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Innovation solves the problem of emergency chemical dosing at Thames Water.

Posted: Tuesday 14th March 2006

When chemicals need to be dosed in a hurry, often the only thing on the mind of the operators is to get the chemical to the point of application - and get the job done.

However, when dealing with aggressive chemicals and dosing equipment, companies need to be aware of health and safety requirements. With many temporary dosing systems being condemned by H&S officers, where does the industry look for an acceptable solution?

The answer may well come in the shape of a cube – a special emergency dosing cube developed by WES Ltd., of Basingstoke. It is designed for temporary or emergency dosing of a wide range of chemicals, from either IBCs or existing storage tanks.

As a concept, it was initially developed following a visit by WES to a Thames Water site where PAC was being dosed from IBCs as the result of the failure of a very old dosing system. The requirement called for a safe temporary system, but one that did not require a fully mains-fed safety shower.

The lack of a clean water supply meant that such a shower could not be installed, although it is normally a mandatory requirement for COSHH first aid measures that recommend washing after contact.

The new WES dosing system has solved these problems through its innovative, enclosed and inherently safe design. It comprises a digital dosing pump contained within a rugged, weather tight and lockable box. The case acts as a bund and is complete with leak detection, pressure loading and relief valves.

For added safety, it has splash screens that also shield the controller

timer, which allows programmable dosing times. Dual contained dosing lines add further to the safety of the product.

The WES cube has also been trialled at another Thames site, where a temporary ferric chloride system was required to remove solids and lower the BOD, both of which are consent parameters for discharge.

“This system is ideal for operational staff”, explained a Thames Water spokesman. “Due to the cube’s compact size and ease of transportation, it allows us to deploy it very quickly, giving us a real plug and play facility. It also has the added benefit of meeting our health and safety criteria”, he adds.

The new WES cube has a dosing capacity of up to 150 litres/hour and is available on a purchase or hire basis. WES also provides larger, mobile systems with chemical storage capacities of up to 4 cubic metres. These systems also utilise the cube for chemical dosing.

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